In the aftermath of last week’s horrendous police roundup of asylum seekers from Hodava Hotel and their subsequent further imprisonment at Bomana jail, we have more bad news. It seems that Captain Mic is going to be refused his PNG visa, and therefore Lazy Jack will be unable to sail. This is hugely disappointing, given we were coming in peace and were invited by traditional owners on Manus. It is sad, but not 100% surprising, since we know that governments make unfair decisions about who is and isn’t able to cross *their* borders all the time.



They may have stopped one boat, but they didn’t stop the land convoy, who made it to PNG last month and did some epic work, connecting with the refugees, including West Papuans, in PoM and Manus, delivering donations to the men who were moved to Pom and meeting traditional owners. Stay tuned for a heap of footage from their time on the ground, coming very soon!!