Aboriginal people have been experiencing incarceration, prison camps and prison islands on their own land at the hands of the colonial australian government. We know what it feels like to be refugees on our own land.

This is why we are extending solidarity to the refugees on Manus Island by issuing Original Nation passports as a symbol of an invitation. We are calling on all Pacific nations to recognise our sovereignty and these passports and to allow those seeking asylum to use them to travel freely to the land of their choice.

The australian government has caused massive trauma to people who come here asking for help as well as to the people of PNG, whom australia exploited for their own agenda. We must respond to this, we are extending opportunity for an open dialogue and safe passage to peace and healing for all parties affected by these oppressive policies, from the refugees to the local Manusians caught in the cross fire and to the governments involved. We are offering a way out of this humanitarian disaster that relies on real solidarity and international cooperation that today’s world needs so badly.

Around the Sacred Fire we are one, it is time to end the suffering, to open our doors and our hearts.