Sail 4 Justice recognises and asserts the sovereignty of First Nations people. We wish to pay our respects to the First Nations peoples on whose land and seas we travel and sail. We pay respect to the Elders past, present and emerging and to the strength of the Indigenous communities in ongoing struggles for self-determination. 

All refugees on Manus Island, Nauru and onshore are political prisoners. The Australian government and private corporations are committing gross violations of human rights, so we are sailing to bring the world’s attention to their torture and abuse of refugees. We are sailing in spite of the borders enforced by this government, because we reject their authority. Australia’s border policing and refugee policies are premised on the notion of Australia’s jurisdiction over this land. However, this country was occupied illegally, under the legal fiction of terra nullius – empty land. To this day, Australia has no treaty with the original sovereigns of this land. As uncle Robbie Thorpe says: “Indigenous people never ceded sovereignty over Australia. The Australian government has no legitimate right to grant or refuse entry to this country.”

We demand:

An end to all offshore processing and all mandatory and indefinite detention, offshore and onshore #closethecamps

Freedom for aĺl refugees and asylum seekers, including accepting the NZ offer of resettlement unconditionally

Compensation to all survivors of Australia’s border regime for the trauma caused

Decolonisation, compensation and genuine respect for Indigenous sovereignty and the self-determination of all First Nations people in the Pacific region, including so-called Australia

An end to the occupation of West Papua by Indonesia

Action for climate justice and an end to unsustainable and destructive industries, such as fossil fuels

Latest Updates

Captain Mic refused visa ?!

Captain Mic refused visa ?!

In the aftermath of last week’s horrendous police roundup of asylum seekers from Hodava Hotel and their subsequent further imprisonment at Bomana jail, we have more bad news. It seems that Captain Mic is going to be refused his PNG visa, and therefore Lazy Jack will...

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On the way to Papua New Guinea…

On the way to Papua New Guinea…

Three months have passed since we launched from Birraranga/Narrm in May and a lot has happened for us and in the world in that time… We are continuing to fundraise here, please support by visiting Chuffed, sharing with your friends and via social media!

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