Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

Arabunna Elder, Captain

The time has come for people of all colors to sit around the same fire and start the healing process for peace and justice, in the fire light we can see each others humanity and move together towards peace. One people one soul.


The Australian Government has no right to be saying who can and can’t come into our land. They have no jurisdiction.


We want to offer this mob on Manus Original Nation passports. We are the real authority for this country.The Government got no right to be locking people up, torturing and killing them, whether its our mob, our brothers and sisters in West Papua or the mobs fleeing war, coming here just looking for safety. It’s our land we should be allowed to welcome them and look after country, protect it from mining companies logging and waste dumps.


I’m talking to all you mob here and across the pacific. Don’t turn ur back on the land and people. Time for this next generation to stand up, come together and #Sail4Justice #Sail4FNSovereignty #DestinationManus

Lober Wainggai

Lober Wainggai

West Papuan Refugee, Sailor

My name is Lober Wainggai. I came to Australia with my Melanesian outrigger canoe, and along with 42 asylum seekers from West Papua in a quest to escape injustices, while seeking justice from the Australian government, whose geopolitical and geostrategic interest continues to protect the wealth of my land rather than defending the rights of my people.

My homeland and my people continues to suffer under the Indonesian brutal and illegal occupation for over 50 years. The indigenous Papuans have been a colonial subject of Indonesia with deprivation, rape, torture, murder and suppression of innocent lives everyday.

In 2013, as part of the land convoy with freedom flotilla crew, our journey from Lake Eyre to West Papua, demonstrated our sovereign rights and right to self-determination as indigenous people from both the government of Australia and Indonesia.

The freedom flotilla highlighted the voices of Papuans refugees who fled across to PNG in the 1970s, 80s and continues whenever there is Indonesia’s military crackdown on peaceful activists. Let alone in 2013, at least 13 Papuans student activists seek protection in PNG. For many Papuan refugees in various parts along the arbitrary border, PNG is a safe haven. Manus Island in particular is one of the first refugee settlement site that Australia use in detaining two young promising Papuan leaders in 1969, the late Clemens Runaweri and Willem Zongonau, who were tipped-off to PNG officials to abort both a plan to board a plane to New York in notifying the UN about the fraud process of the so called ‘musyawarah’, a hand selected illegal process of forcing Papuans to be part of Indonesia.

Today, I am more than ready to sail for justice as an act of solidarity for my people and those who seek political asylum in Australia and are now detained on Manus Island and Nauru.

#Sail4Justice #Sail4WestPapua #DestinationManus
Free the Refugees, Free West Papua, Papua Merdeka

Izzy Brown

Izzy Brown

Freedom Flotilla organiser, MC

We sail for human rights, Indigenous sovereignty, and climate justice. Our destination is Manus Island.

We want to highlight the Australian government’s abuse of refugees in indefinite detention. On our journey we want to draw attention to the West Papuan genocide on our doorstep and show our solidarity with those on the frontlines of climate justice struggles. We hope to link the struggles of First Nations and refugees against our common enemy – the Australian colonialist government. We are putting them on notice.

We will travel a message across land and sea, for freedom and justice across the Pacific. We have rallied, lobbied, blockaded and we have sung and we have screamed, but the government has closed it’s ears… and people are still dying.. It’s time to sail!