Farewell French Island and The Western Port. Thanks for the great adventures, sun, beach, wind and waves, quicksand, march flies and good learning curve in tide versus wind and swell! 

Big thanks to the locals who helped us out along the way with deliveries of delicious homegrown produce, local mussles, French Island wine and some very important sailing advice. Big shout out to Lexy for her Navigation training and a great overview of ocean survival. 

We have had a great crew over the past 10 days with diverse skills to share. 

Representing West Papua, Lobber, who came here by canoe and Porobibi – without your knowledge of the waves we may have not survived being swept out the headlands into Bass Straight in the big swell of the ebb tide.  Against many odds, sinking tenders, Lobber managed to surf that little yacht back in to Flinders.

We were very inspired by the Big Paddle Out against AGL, it was great to see a massive turn out and learn a bit of history about the staunch community resistance in the area.

We had an amazing and brave crew, from Pakistan – B. with his perfect milky tea and a six year old M. from Iran who had survived harrowing trips to Australia by boat just to end up in Nauru and still brave enough to face the water again, though poor M. was looking a little seasick.

Thanks Ruben for your endless supply of dumpstered gnocchi, home grown olives and other bin delicacies. Thanks to Maya representing from eastern Europe with diligence and hard work for any situation that arises and a supply of vegan delights.

Well done to Fran and the kids for making it to French Island with the biggest swag u have ever seen balanced on a pram.

Thanks to Sofia and Cynthia for joining us for the last few days and helping with the epic pack down and trying to get the sailing boat back on a trailer, which for some reason is always a palaver, especially with ancient trailers, where we discovered a new function when the trailer decided to tip backwards as we were towing it out, leaving the boat balancing at right angles on the outboard in the middle of the boat ramp!

But all good, we made it home with Kindred Spirit in tow and only a few repairs to do. Stay tuned for the next adventure. Manus here we come!