The Sail 4 Justice Flotilla is launching the campaign from Melbourne 1.11.2018 with a plan to set sail in May and leave Australia from Cairns in June 2019. We will be taking to the seas and our destination is Manus Island.

On this day one year ago, the men held on Manus Island were under siege. 606 asylum seekers had been left inside PNG’s Australian-sponsored detention centre with no food, water, electricity, or security. Their struggle continues to this day. And so we continue to resist in new and creative ways against the system that is committing genocide and ecocide against people and planet.

All refugees on Manus Island and Nauru are political prisoners. Our Government and private corporations are committing gross violations of human rights, so we are sailing to bring the world’s attention to our Government’s torture and abuse of refugees. The flotilla will be taking Aboriginal passports for each of the men on Manus.

1 November, 4pm across the road from the notorious Border Force Office in Docklands, join us for a spectacular launch of music, protest, and sailing!

Musical performances from COMBAT WOMBAT, Racerage and Papa Locks (West Papuan reggae) and speakers including Izzy Brown (Sail 4 justice), Abdul Baig (RISE), and members of the West Papuan Community.

Sail 4 justice demands:

An end to all offshore processing
An end to all mandatory and indefinite detention #closethecamps
Freedom for all asylum seekers and the right to seek asylum, including accepting the NZ offer unconditionally. #getthemfreeCompensation to all survivors of Australia’s border regime for the trauma caused
Decolonisation and respect for Indigenous sovereignty and the self-determination of all Australian and Pacific nations first peoples

For further info visit our website:
Media contact: Izzy Brown 0457 695 738