Sail4Justice with the Wa Canoe joins Walk4Refugees Rally

To raise awareness about the ongoing human rights violations in West Papua and to draw attention to this slow motion genocide on our doorstep, the West Papuan community and their supporters pushed the Wa Canoe for Freedom during the Palm Sunday Justice for Refugees rally.

Built by Lober Wainggai and decorated by Amos Wainggai, the canoe is a replica of the one that arrived on Australian shores in 2006 carrying 43 West Papuan refugees, five of whom have traveled to Canberra with the canoe. The Wa Canoe represents the West Papuan people’s cry for help to regain independence from Indonesian occupation and it represents the struggle and hardships of West Papuan people.

At Walk for Justice for Refugees – Palm Sunday

Sail4Justice crew set up a table inviting attendees to write messages for the flotilla to take to the men on Manus. Big thanks to all the people that wrote!

As always it’s an incredible turnout in support of refugees – many good humans demanding freedom and justice for all people incarcerated in offshore and onshore detention.