Sail4Justice crew are joining the Melbourne West Papua Community and supporters for the national day of action for West Papua at the front of the Indonesian Consulate at 10am Tuesday 12.2.2019

“In 2018, between December 4 and 15, the Indonesian government unleashed a brutal military operation in the central highlands of West Papua. Photos emerged of civilians limbs covered in burns and wounds. Seven are confirmed dead and thousands more fled to the nearby hills, displacing them from their homelands indefinitely. It is highly likely that the weapons contained chemicals like white phosphorous due to the nature of the burns.

On February 12 2019, there will be actions in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin to put pressure on the Indonesian government to end its violent occupation of West Papua and hold the Australian government accountable for its complicity in the ongoing genocide of indigenous West Papuans.

Kemerdekaan Adalah Hak Bangsa Papua Barat // ‘Independence is the Right of the West Papua Nation’

We demand:
-The self-determination of the West Papuan people
-Indonesia to withdraw its TNI and POLICE forces in Nduga and West Papua
-An immediate fact-finding mission to investigate the breach of human rights
-A democratic process for Papuans to determine their own future
-The acknowledgement of the Vanuatu government for championing West Papua’s independence struggle

The anticolonial struggle continues across the seas and we will stand in solidarity until West Papua is free from the Indonesian regime. #Wansolwara – one salt water – united in resistance.”