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Messages to Manus Refugees

Many asylum seekers have languished in australian detention prisons for years, and have understandably lost hope in us. The result of the recent election is devastating for refugees on Manus, Nauru and those detained onshore. A growing number of men on Manus have attempted suicide and engaged in self-harm. Instead of showing compassion, the Federal Government responded with plans to repeal the Medevac bill, which was to provide much needed healthcare.

Right now, Sail4Justice is on its way to Manus. To speak up to injustice and show our solidarity. To show that despite the election, we care, we are watching, and we will keep fighting.


We will take your message of support with us.

Write your message to the men on Manus via our website, or send handwritten letters and cards (contact us for address). We will take these messages across the ocean.

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Donations to Manus Refugees

If you wish to contribute materials to go directly with us to Manus on board the flotilla of boats, we have received a list of specific requests:

  • USB, SD cards, Hard drives
  • Smartphones (functioning and complete with chargers and batteries)
  • Laptops (functioning and complete with chargers and batteries)
  • Painkillers
  • Basic First Aid items
  • Prescription glasses

You can send these things to us in Gimuy/Cairns (contact us for address) and we will take them with us to Manus.

Alternatively, you can donate money to go directly towards us purchasing these items.

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Plant Dem Seeds

Melbourne Political Hip-hop band Combat Wombat will be donating all proceeds from downloads from their revolutionary hip-hop track ‘ Plant Dem Seeds’ to #sail4justice! Pay as you feel to support this epic mission and check out our deadly new film clip from Moja film.

Download song here: 

Plant Dem Seeds Music video Release!
Combat Wombat featuring YT
Video by Moja film

Plant Dem Seeds features footage from the MC Izzy archives Lizard’s Revenge, Close Dondale and Free West Papua actions in Melbourne, and footage filmed by Moja in Uganda when the world record was set for the biggest amount of seedlings hand planted in an hour.
Plant Dem Seeds also features shots from our hood Collingwood and edited by Moja film.

Download here:

All downloads of Plant Dem Seeds from Bandcamp from March 20 – May 20 will go towards Sail4Justice Freedom Flotilla to Manus Island. Pay as you feel, help make this epic journey possible!


Support the Lazy Jack’s Voyage to Manus Island


The crew of the Lazy Jack are asking you all to join or to support the Flotilla for Justice that will be launched from Narrm/Melbourne in May and leave Australia from Gimuy/Cairns in June 2019. We will be taking to the seas and our destination is Manus Island.

Donate to support the Lazy Jack

You will be supporting the good ship Lazy Jack. She is a Tahiti ketch built by an arborist from timber collected for 20+ years and 15 years in construction. All the timber in her would have been chipped if not salvaged to construct this beautiful boat.

All funds raised will contribute to the safety and communication requirements of the flotilla including internet to keep you all informed of issues and events relating to the flotilla, the plight of the people on Manus Island and local issues we will encounter along the way.


Sail4Justice on Twitter

For ongoing coverage and campaign updates tune in to 3CR Community Radio

Upcoming Events

  1. Rabaul

    July 28
  2. Manus Solidarity Day of Action

    August 12

Destination Manus Island