As some of you are already aware, we have some sad news to announce. Due to several last minute technical issues on Kindred Spirit (like the broken rudder), we had to move her to Warrang/Sydney mostly overland.

On our way, while towing the boat, we were hit by a semitrailer. It pushed the trailer with the boat into the back of our car and then out on the road. The boat ended up in the lanes next to us and was later hit by another vehicle. It was a scary and dangerous accident, but we are so lucky that nobody involved was physically injured. We did, however, effectively lose the boat due to the damages.

Kindred Spirit had seen so many of us and so many of you put a huge amount of work, effort and love into it, and it’s really hard to accept that it’s beyond repair and that we can’t take it forward on the journey.

But in each hardship, we can find strength and resilience, as do all those who struggle against the machines of this illegal government, and we won’t give up. The people imprisoned in detention jails and the communities whose lands and waters are being stolen and destroyed continue to fight, and so will we!

We are pursuing costs of the damaged boat and other repairs from the truck company. The remaining flotilla boats are getting ready and we can crew up with them, but we will also stay on the look out for other boats (any help with that appreciated). We won’t be stopped!

At this time, any support would be so hugely appreciated! You can still donate to the journey at